The Crystal Shards

Is an area located in Algoroc, which lies inbetween Tremor Ridge and Demonclaw Pass. The Dominion has run over this place. The DATACUBE ENTRY: Geological Strata can be found at 3517.14 -1067.14 -4214.61 167.56. There also is the book Tales: A Duel for Deadeye, which can be found at 3684, -4532.

Places of Interest

  • Near the Crystal Shards, players also can find Jeric's Claim with a wounded Sergeant Kormak, who'll have several quests. (ca. 3655, -4063).
  • DREDPLEX Skyhammer, a Dominion infested cave (ca. 3555, -3805).


  • Sergeant Kormak
  • Miner Harlow - ca. 3607, -4349


  • Beastmaster Xix and Iiksy can be found at 3514, -4091
  • Captain Thokov - after several solved quests, this Superior will appear.
  • Roan - mostly harmless, until they are tickled with a Lasergun
  • Shoveljaw Crusher
  • Shoveljaw Boulderback - involved in the quest Expensive Diet one can get from Miner Harlow
  • Crystal Maw
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