The Gambler's Ruin

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The Gambler's Ruin is the flagship of the Exile fleet. Previously the flagship of Serrick Brightland - a highly decorated admiral of the Cassian fleet - named Star of Dominus, it was renamed after Commander Brighthand's nearly suicidal rush of the Dominion fleet allowed the Exiles to escape.

Map of the Exile Arkship

Cryogenics Bays

Quite possibly one of the most important features of the Gambler's Ruin is the cryogentics bays, where non-essential crew are put in frozen suspension to conserve resources during long flights.

Gambler's Ruin Cryogenics bay map.jpg
Cryogenics Bay Blueprints

The area is composed of at least two different silos, the walls lined with cryopods. There is a small emergency clinic near the tram leading to Medical Bay, to deliver first aid before the patient can be transferred to proper facilities.

Medical Bay

Dr. Victor Lazarin's usual haunt, medical bay is where patients are treated, cures and serums are developed, and surgeries performed. The facility is very bare bones, with four wings of medical cots, sparse displays, and mostly organic assistants and workers. Though there are med-bots on staff, the brunt of the work is done by other Exiles.

The Rockin' Rowsdower

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A very popular watering hole, just up a flight of stairs from Med-Bay. It is a large, circular room, divided into four separate bars, each themed after the races of the Exiles.

  • South West is the Human bar, with wooden pannelings, easy chairs, dartboards and simple tables.
  • North West is the Aurin bar, with hookahs, piles of pillows, tiny tables, and fruits and vegetation on display.
  • North East is the Granok bar, with Tiki themed furniture, tons of beer mugs, rocks for tables and chairs, and at least one drunk or hungover Granok, and
  • South East is the Mordesh bar, with clean, metallic surfaces, a giant tank of Vitalus nearby, tubes glowing with strange liquids, and high tables with clear glass tops.

The Relic Room

Gambler's Ruin Relic Ruin.jpg
Relic Room blueprints

A storage room where items of sentimental or historical value are stored. Of particular note includes:

It also contains a datacube about the Nexus project, a copy of the promotional Tales From Beyond The Fringe "Adventure Awaits!", and Dorian Walker's personal copy of the Dominion Exploration Society's handbook, annotated.


The center of all operations of the Free Companies of Nexus, this is where they monitor all military activity and deploy as necessary. Commander Durek Stonebreaker and his trusted officers make the calls from up here.

The Greenhouse

Gambler's Greenhouse map.jpg
Gamber's Ruin Greenhouse blueprints

Food and fresh air are essential to continued operation in deep space, and the greenhouse provides both. With gigantic planters floating or all stacked together growing food, trees providing fresh air, and livestock providing much needed materials, any damage to this area would be devastating.

XAS Library

All of the information and data the Exile Academy of Science has is beamed up into the Gambler's Ruin for safe keeping. There are reams upon reams of data in this area.



The Arkship or Gambler's Ruin is the first area the player will enter after the character generation. Please click the links to view all the quests belonging to each episode.

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