The Imperial Museum

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The Imperial Museum
Location: The Destiny
Part of: Public Relations
50 UI CRB Coin Copper.png
Pants 0001.png [Pants of Fealty] Medic.pngStalker.png
Pants 0002.png [Trousers of Fealty] Esper.pngSpellslinger.png
Quest Progression
Previous: Ever Vigilant
Next: Knowledge is Everywhere

The Imperial Museum is a Dominion quest. It is obtained on The Destiny by speaking with Emperor Myrcalus in the Garden of the Vigilant.


Emperor Myrcalus wishes for you to proceed to the Imperial Museum and speak to Lady Artemis Zin. Lady Zin is a famous explorer whose knowledge of the galaxy and its history will be instrumental to your continued success.


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Episode progression

  1. Ever Vigilant
  2. The Imperial Museum
  3. Knowledge is Everywhere
  4. Broadcast Ready