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The Royal Collegium is the most respected scientific organization in the Dominion. Collegium scientists consider Nexus the most important find in Dominion history, and they are dedicated studying the planet's unique flora and fauna, exotic elements, and ancient ruins. Given the Eldan's importance to Dominion history, the Collegium is dedicated to uncovering the secrets of civilization and their technology, as well as the reasons behind their disappearance from the planet. The Vigilant Church teaches that the Eldan ascended to godhood at some point in the past - and the Collegium hopes to reveal exactly what that means an how it happened.

Collegium Field Research

Collegium scientists do not spend all of their time inside laboratories. They are constantly out in the field, braving the wilds of Nexus in pursuit of knowledge. Whether through studying unique life forms in subterranean caves or exploring mysterious, ancient Eldan ruins, the members of the Collegium are always ready to put their lives on the line for the scientific advencement of the empire.

Directors of the Collegium

The Collegium's board of directors are drawn from the leading minds in their various disciplines, and set the goals and objectives of Dominion scientific research on Nexus. The famous Mondo Zax of the Dominion Research and Experimentation Division has been asked on many occasions to serve with the other directors, but has so far refused. He would rather not give up his autonomy.


There is also a quest named The Royal Collegium.