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The Sacred Plan is a journal Zone Lore entry found in Stormtalon's Lair.

Lore entry

I accept the gift of the Masters. I, high priest of the Thundercall Pell, do holy work here in the world. The Masters look on in glory, and are proud of our efforts.

I alone among the Thundercall have seen its power. Its potential. The Maters left it for me to find, for the Thundercall to use, for the Chosen of the Storms to change.

To become a god!

But the gifts of the Masters are not without challenges. Tests. For this Great Work the faithful must do, we Disciples, before the Masters will allow us to rise to meet them.

The Masters call upon us to sacrifice his mortal life - and so it shall be. The greatest of us, one chosen by the Masters, shall become a god. And the wisest of us, the one called Blade-Wind, shall be the conduit that transforms the Chosen. Both shall end their mortal lives.

The power of the gods shall flow through Blade-Wind, and no other. Shaped, driven, bent to my will, the power shall infuse the Chosen, the Pell who will become a god. The Storm shall awaken within. And I, high priest of the Thundercall Pell, shall create a new god over which I shall be master!

I summon my chanters. I summon my acolytes! My sentinels, strong as the sky! Join me. Together we shall be true immortals. We will live forever in the wind, the stars, the lightning. We thrive in the thundering heart of the Stormtalon. We unleash this gift of the gods upon his world, and rejoice!

The Talon of Storms is but the fist.


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