The Widow's Web

The Widow's Web
Location: The Gambler's Ruin
Part of: Slag 'Em, Tag 'Em, and Bag 'Em
Difficulty: Simple
60 UI CRB Coin Copper.png
UI srcr elctrcshck.png [Shield of Defiance]
Quest Progression
Previous: A Little Friendly Carousal
Next: Deck Sweeper

Avra Darkos is convinced that the Dominion is planning an imminent attack on the Gambler's Ruin. She's compiled all her evidence on a datachron and asked you to deliver it to Commander Durek on the ship's Command Deck.


 •  Speak with Avra Darkos to receive the task.
 •  Take a teleporter (located in the middle of the Rockin' Rowsdower) to the Command Deck of The Gambler's Ruin
 •  Speak with Commander Durek to deliver the intelligence

More info

Can't you deliver it yourself?
My inquiries are still incomplete and my attentions are required elsewhere. You have proven yourself to be trustworthy, so I thought to offer it to you.

Who are you?
I am Avra Darkos, the Widow. It is my business to know the hidden mind of our enemy so that we may counter his moves in the shadowy games we play.

You seem a bit jumpy.
Do not confuse caution with fear. The Dominion is planning something... but I cannot speak of it in such mixed company. These walls have ears.

Why should I be concerned?
The Dominion seeks to destroy us at every turn. Our resources are swindling... our numbers finite. As an Exile, it is your duty to be concerned.

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