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The Zax's Orders is a journal Zone Lore entry found on the Crimson Isle.

Lore entry

Orders for DRED Operatives
Project Crimson Doom

Listen listen! DRED supporting military ops this time. Special orders. Command says stupid Exiles found something cozmotronic! Military here to secure that. DRED here to find out what it is and take it. Understand?

That means autonomy limited. Side projects restricted. But big science happening at end! The Zax promises. But first, specifics.
- Drilldoxers for getting past Exile blockade. Stupid Exiles. But leave on beach! Drilldoxer technology TOO VALUABLE! Could be stolen.
- Draken too big to fit in drilldoxers. Will be landing out of sign on nearby beach.
- Do NOT blow up Draken commandos! Yes. The Zax agres. Very funny. Very very funny. But NOT PRODUCTIVE.
- DO blow up scrab! Scrab could get into drilldozers. Messy messy. Also very tasty with butter!
- Lots of Eldan tech around! Grab what you can. Scan EVERYthing. If you have no scanner, why are you reading this?

- You explorer! Look for caves! Scans show lots of caves. Could be more tech!
- Military op! Mentioned this, yes? So be ready to fight! No DRED operatives are to go unarmed! Bring something good for killing scrab. And killing Exiles.
- Remember: the Zax is in command of Project: Crimson Doom! Military might disagree. But YOUR ordres come from the Zax. Don't forget it!

- The Zax


This journal can be found in Mondo's Beachhead near Mondo Zax at (-8227.87 -221.26).