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Thicket Tier 1
Thicket Tier 1.png
Plot Size: 1x1
Cost: 1 UI CRB Coin Gold.png
A Survivalist's dream come true, you will have a guaranteed source of harvested materials at your own home while your land lease is active.

Harvest (Limit 1)

Thicket Tier 1 is a housing enhancement that contains a Tanning Rack, Butcher Block, Algoroc Trees, and Galeras Trees. When interacted with, they provide wood, leather, bone, pelts, and meat.


  • Butcher Block: x0-3, x0-5, x0-3, x0-5
  • Tanning Rack: x0-1, x0-1, x0-3, x0-1, x1-3
  • Algoroc Tree: x4-5
  • Galeras Tree: x4-5

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