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There are many vanity titles that can be earned in WildStar by completing quests and missions, earning achievements, participating in events, purchased from the in-game Store, etc. Display of titles is controlled in the Character window by clicking on "Change Titles" at the top middle of the window under the character name.



Title Criteria Format
Certifiably Certified 2-Step Verification <name>, Certifiably Certified
Crisis Manager <name>, Crisis Manager
Dredger Destroyer <name>, Dredger Destroyer
The Freedom Fighter Exile Freedom Fighter <name> the Freedom Fighter
Greenhorn Level Up I Greenhorn <name>
Homesteader Level Up II Homesteader <name>
New Recruit Dominion Domination for the Dominion
Exile Welcome to the Planet
New Recruit <name>
Rancher Rancher <name>
Tremor Ridge Runner


Title Criteria Format
Dominion.png Bloodfire Warrior Fights of Passage <name>, Bloodfire Warrior
Exiles.png The Bug Hunter Shiphand: The Steady Traveler <name> the Bug Hunter
Exiles.png Deadeye's Deputy Finish Him! <name>, Deadeye's Deputy
Exiles.png Sylvan Glade Slayer <name>, Sylvan Glade Slayer

World Boss

Title Criteria Format
Doomfeller Doom Go Boom Doomfeller <name>
the Giant Slayer Ganking Grendy <name>, the Giant Slayer
The Rock Climber Crushing Kraggar <name>, The Rock Climber

Path titles

Each path has titles that can be unlocked as they progress in level. Some are faction specific.


Title Criteria Format
Exile Drifter Level 2 Explorer Drifter <name>
Dominion Scout Level 2 Explorer Scout <name>
Exile Bushwhacker Level 6 Explorer Bushwhacker <name>
Dominion Ranger Level 6 Explorer Ranger <name>
Exile The Hobo Level 10 Explorer <name> the Hobo
Dominion The Seeker Level 10 Explorer <name> the Seeker
Exile Traveler Level 15 Explorer Traveler <name>
Dominion Wayfarer Level 15 Explorer Wayfarer <name>
The Wanderer Level 20 Explorer <name> the Wanderer
The Adventurer Level 25 Explorer <name> the Adventurer
Expedition Leader Level 30 Explorer Expedition Leader <name>
Claim Staker Flagpole Setter III Claim Staker <name>


Title Criteria Format
Exile Lab-Rat Level 2 Scientist Lab-Rat <name>
Dominion Bookworm Level 2 Scientist Bookworm <name>
Analyst Level 6 Scientist Analyst <name>
The Scholar Level 10 Scientist <name> the Scholar
Researcher Level 15 Scientist Researcher <name>
Principal Investigator Level 20 Scientist Principal Investigator <name>
PhD Level 25 Scientist PhD <name>
Professor Level 30 Scientist Professor <name>


Title Criteria Format
Exile Ditch-Digger Level 2 Settler Ditch-Digger <name>
Dominion Excavator Level 2 Settler Excavator <name>
Exile Pioneer Level 6 Settler Pioneer <name>
Dominion Colonist Level 6 Settler Colonist <name>
Exile Builder Level 10 Settler Builder <name>
Dominion Erector Level 10 Settler Erector <name>
Foreman Level 15 Settler Foreman <name>
The Constructor Level 20 Settler <name> the Constructor
Exile Project Leader Level 25 Settler Project Leader <name>
Dominion Construction Manager Level 25 Settler Construction Manager <name>
Master Planner Level 30 Settler Master Planner <name>
Exile Sheriff of Tremor Ridge PUBLIC SAFETY: Tremor Ridge Terror <name>, Sheriff of Tremor Ridge
Exile Beach Patrol PUBLIC SAFETY: Coast Guard <name>, Beach Patrol
Exile Bonetalon's Doom PUBLIC SAFETY: Ravenous Ravenok <name>, Bonetalon's Doom
Exile Canimid Killer PUBLIC SAFETY: Raging Beast <name>, Canimid Killer
Battle Builder <name>, Battle Builder


Title Criteria Format
Exile Volunteer Level 2 Soldier Volunteer <name>
Dominion Conscript Level 2 Soldier Conscript <name>
Exile Trainee Level 6 Soldier Trainee <name>
Dominion Cadet Level 6 Soldier Cadet <name>
Exile Grunt Level 10 Soldier Grunt <name>
Dominion Specialist Level 10 Soldier Specialist <name>
Exile Trooper Level 15 Soldier Trooper <name>
Dominion Legionnaire Level 15 Soldier Legionnaire <name>
Exile Sergeant Level 20 Soldier Sergeant <name>
Dominion Centurion Level 20 Soldier Centurion <name>
Exile Chief Level 25 Soldier Chief <name>
Dominion Captain Level 25 Soldier Captain <name>
Exile Commander Level 30 Soldier Commander <name>
Dominion Colonel Level 30 Soldier Colonel <name>

Exploration Titles

Exploration Titles are earned by completing Exploration Achievements throughout Wildstar.

Title Criteria Format
Exile Celebrity Stalker Celebrity Stalker <name>, Celebrity Stalker
Exile The Big Cheese The Big Cheese <name>, The Big Cheese