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Tradeskills are trade-oriented skills that players can learn to gather resources and create items. Each character can have 2 active tradeskills starting at level 10. Hobbies and other skills do not count against this limit.

Gathering tradeskills[]


Main article: Miner

The Miner excavates precious ores, crystals and gems to be used by the Weaponsmith, Armorer and Architect.

Relic Hunter[]

Main article: Relic Hunter

The Relic Hunter excavates omni-plasm and Eldan relics used by the Technologist, and the Weaponsmith. Some of the most powerful items on Nexus may require Eldan Relic Parts.


Main article: Survivalist

The Survivalist skins leather and cuts meat from creatures. They also harvest wood from trees with a laser chainsaw. Best paired with the Outfitter or Architect.

Production tradeskills[]


Main article: Architect

The Architect shapes FABkits, decor items and war plot deployables. The Architect is best paired with a heavy dose of patience, tons of resources, and the Survivalist...possibly a Miner. Also Farming... and on rare occasions, Relic Hunter.


Main article: Armorer

The Armorer forges heavy armor and combat shields, then powers them with microchips and power cores. This tradeskill is best paired with Mining.


Main article: Outfitter

The Outfitter uses Leather, pelts and bone to craft medium armor and support systems, then powers them with microchips and power cores. This tradeskill is best paired with the Survivalist.


Main article: Tailor

The Tailor uses cloth gathered from humanoids to craft light armor. This tradeskill is best paired with Survivalist.


Main article: Technologist

The Technologists creates medical supplies, stat boosting potions, and field technologies from combining omni-plasm with herbs and produce. Refurbishes Eldan relics to craft gadgets. Best paired with Relic Hunter.


Main article: Weaponsmith

Weaponsmithing is the art of forging weapons and weapon attachments, then powering them with microchips and power cores. This tradeskill is best paired with Mining.



Main article: Cooking

Cooks use produce and meats to whip up delicious delicacies. By mixing different ingredients at cooking stations, cooks can discover recipes that provide all kinds of benefits and buffs.


Main article: Farmer

Farmers collect herbs, seeds, and produce by attacking various plants. The resources can be used for crafting and the seeds can be planted in a garden in player housing.



Main article: Runecrafting

Runecrafting is an item enhancement system. Players can create runes to place into open rune slots in their gear. Runecrafting is available to all players at level 15.


Main article: Salvaging

Salvaging is a process by which players break down items into their basic components, providing materials to use for crafting. Salvaging is available to all players at level 8.