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Trilius Pates's Journal is a journal Zone Lore entry found in Southern Grimvault.

Lore entry

Entry #971MD-033
Auto-Record Mode Activated

What were we thinking? Like I don't know. I know exactly what - who - I was thinking about. "Let's take a joyride," she said. "What could happen?" Oh, I don't know, friends, how about getting lost in a labyrinth of Strain-infested tunnels with no hope of rescue or even any hope of being found if you actually stave off infection and disease. I don't even know where my sister ended up, and we've always had sort of a link. Like, I know how she's feeling, she knows how I'm feeling...but it's like she's not even there. What's happening in this place, anyway?

And why in hell did I ride a cryo pod all the way down here like some kind of Draken shock trooper? Stupid, Trilius. So. Stupid.

Entry #971MD-035
Last recording didn't work. This equipment - something's gotten into it. Can machines get sick? I think my datachron is broken. It can't tell me where I am, and I'm definitely lost. I can't find the others, either. "Oh, just scan for our transponders, Trilius," they said. Well what happens when your datachron breaks, geniuses?

Entry #971MD-038
Shouldn't have tried to crack the da - ron open, I think s - ata may - been lost. Not feeling so good myself. Only been half-hour since la - since la - since landing. Itching. Skin hurts. W - cryo pod sealed cor - ec - ly? Can't say. Need help. I wa - go home.


This journal can be found in Etheral Cavity at the top of the alcove in front of Trilius Pates at (1885.42 381.43).