Unstable Volatility AMP

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Unstable Volatility AMP
Amp Yellow.png
Engineer AMP
Item Level: 14
Class: Engineer
Bind on pickup
Use: Unstable Volatility: Landing a hit with direct damage applies 1 stack of Unstable Volatility. Reaching 5 stacks of Unstable Volatility deals 120 damage.

Buy for: 150 UI CRB Coin Prestige.png
Sell for: 1 UI CRB Coin Copper.png

Unstable Volatility AMP is an Engineer AMP unlock item. Using the item unlocks the Unstable Volatility AMP.


Unstable Volatility AMP can be purchased for 150 UI CRB Coin Prestige.png from the following vendors:

  • Supply Officer Clayre - FCON Headquarters, Thayd
  • Supply Officer Phenoxia - Legion's Way, Illium
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