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A common species of mildly sentient plant-animal hybrids that resemble small, ambulatory versions of many common root vegetables, Veggies are found on many worlds, including Nexus and the Aurin homeworld Arboria. Despite their sentience, they are a food source for predators, herbivores, and omnivores. They go by many local names, including "sprouts" and "livingroots."

Though they are not difficult to catch, and indeed many settlers and wild predators make meals of them every day, veggies also appear to be able to survive a wild variety of environments – event toxic wastelands.


"I'm your Veggie girl
You're in my Veggie World
I need a Veggie boy
To buy me lots of toys

It is a Veggie day
Now Veggie's here to stay
I love my Veggie friends
Now sing it all again

Veggie Veggie Veggie Veggie Veggie friends
Veggies Veggies Veggies come around again
Veggie Veggie Veggie Veggie Veggies sing
All the love and happiness that Veggies bring"
- Lyrics from "Veggie Friends" by the popular Aurin troubadour Cylia Mildroot

Physical description

Veggies come in a wide variety of shapes and types, though most are no bigger than a jabbit. Most resemble closely related root vegetables, but with tiny limbs (actually specialized vascular roots) allowing ambulatory movement. They tend to take on qualities of their surroundings since they absorb most of their nutrients from the local soil and atmosphere. They have no real heads to speak of, but do possess humanoid faces with eyes and mouths.


"Although their ubiquity in the wider galaxy would indicate otherwise, the bizarre features of the typical Veggie or Sprout would seem to prove that the Eldan manipulated the genetics of countless worlds in the ancient past. If not, then root vegetables randomly evolved faces for no evolutionary reason and science is worthless. I cannot accept that, friends." - Dr. Nils Olderbock, the XAS Xenobiologist who first detected Veggies on Nexus