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Vind are small, relatively docile rodentoids that have become ubiquitous on Nexus. They were one of the first types of "critters" to be exported from the planet (albeit illegally, as Dominion law requires all life forms native to Nexus to be the property of the emperor) and are now a somewhat common sight among the elite and wealthy of the Fringe underworld. Their planet-wide distribution on Nexus is almost certainly due to their ability to float by expanding internal gas organs that make them lighter than air. This ability to metabolize elements and synthesize exotic gasses has also made them prized by scientists, and not always for ethical reasons.

Physical description

Vind resemble the Cassian rodentoids known as "weasels." They have long, slinky bodies that undulate when they run, and can use their flexible spines to run much more quickly than their short legs would seem to allow. They have long snouts ending in a horn-shaped nose, an organ which is thought to be integral to their ability to metabolize rare elements. Most vind range in color from light brown golden yellow, with dorsal stripes running the lengths of their bodies. Their long tails are used to guide their somewhat erratic flight.

Tracking sense

Vind possess among the sharpest noses known to galactic science, and are able to detect particles on an order of one part per million with ease. They are believed to have evolved this ability to locate the rare elements they ingest to inflate their gas organs. Recent attempts to train vind to track specific scents have proven more successful than expected, and although they still have a tendency to inflate and flee when threatened, these "hunting vind" always return to the trainers who provide them with rare elements supplements.