Vouchers: What Are They Good For

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Vouchers: What Are They Good For
Location: Thayd
Part of: Tradeskills tasks
100 Voucher
Quest Progression
Previous: I'll Vouch for Your Skills‎

Vouchers: What Are They Good For is a tradeskill quest. It is obtained in Thayd by speaking with Supervisor Wicksprout in Academy Corner.


Supervisor Wicksprout has given you crafting vouchers to purchase a Box 01.png [Crafting Goody Bag] from Brigade Researcher Segarden in Thayd. Ordinarily, you might save vouchers for valuable items related to master crafting, but Supervisor Wicksprout is insistent that you buy something small.


More info

What do crafting vouchers buy?
Vouchers can buy bags that give you crafting materials...or if you're smart, you can save 'em up for fancy recipes.

Why buy a bag, then?
Oh, I'm just having you do that so you get to meet ol' Seagarden, and take a look at the good stuff that's waiting for you once you've mastered your craft.

Ok, but -
Also, it's impolite to pester a merchant if you have absolutely no intention of buying anything!

Fine, I'll buy the Crafting Goody Bag.
That's the spirit!