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Title <Agent>
Gender Female
Species Mechari
Affiliation Imperial Corps of Intelligence
Occupation Instructor, Agent
Location Unknown
Status Alive

Voxine is a female Mechari Agent serving in the Dominion Military. She is interviewed for the WildStar Wednesday article "Meet the Mechari," and hosted a rather infamous class on "Paths," a person's responsibilities and duties to the Empire once they arrive on Nexus.


Voxine holds a thinly veiled disdain for organics, seeing them as vastly inferior to herself and a pain to interact with. She frequently insults a journalist interviewing her while explaining the intricacies of the Mechari.

She also has hints of sadism and schadenfreude, vastly enjoying watching her students squirm as she describes the various dangers and occupational hazards that await them on Nexus. She also offers a "different alternative" to those who wish to back out: a blaster to the face.

As befitting an ICI agent, she is very critical of other people's speech and inquiry, constantly looking for any signs of someone fishing for more information that can safely be declassified. She also has bio-scanners checking for signs of stress consistent with lying. Voxine also practices "half truths," being intentionally vague with anything that might worry or disconcert a subject she is observing.