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Are you prepared for the most intense PvP experience in the history of intensity? Then you and 39 of your most psychopathic friends should buy a Warplot, arm it to the teeth, and get ready for some hot death-fortress-on-death-fortress action!

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Warplots are an aspect of elder-game content where players are given the ability to build their very own PvP battlefields.

Warplots are set up for 40 vs 40 PvP and do not require a guild to participate.

When players reach max level, they are given their first Warplot for free, but each additional Warplot will have a cost associated. With a Warplot, players are able to customize the terrain, walls and structures, deployable items, and even enemies that will defend your Warplot. Through adventuring and raiding, players will accrue items to customize their Warplots. Each Warplot will allow for a certain amount of items/points assigned. A recently defeated raid boss could be added to your Warplot, but keep in mind that this boss will be significantly weaker as a Warplot defender and it will require a certain amount of points to assign. Players can use a variety of strategy in customizing their Warplot, but they will also need to factor in player strategies and team play to survive out there.

Warplot battles can only occur once the owner of the Warplot agrees to the battle. These battles can be entered through a Matchmaking system. Since Warplots are pieces of floating land, once a battle is agreed upon, the Warplot can move near the challenged party's Warplot to face off. The victor of this battle will receive rewards based on their victory, and the loser will be forced to rebuild because their Warplot will be destroyed.

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