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Weaponsmith (Tradeskill)
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Weaponsmiths forge weapons and weapon attachments and power them with microchips and power cores. This tradeskill is best paired with mining.



  • Early recipes require iron ore and quartz power cores. These power cores can be found by salvaging equipment, but also bought from vendors. In the early stages in the game it is cheaper to vendor found equipment and buy the power cores from vendors due to the low drop rate through salvaging, and favorable selling prices.
  • Designing a weapon for Assault Power or Support Power is based on the stats that are applied during item creation. These stats change based on the Class that uses the weapon. To make a Support Based weapon all stats MUST be Support Stats. For an Assault Based weapon any combination of Assault and Support Stats can be used.
Psyblade, Pistols, Heavy Gun, Claws, and Great Sword (Assault: Brutality, Moxie, Finesse) (Support: Tech, Insight, Grit)
Paddles (Assault: Brutality, Moxie, Tech) (Support: Finesse, Insight, Grit)
  • When mining your own ores, profits can be made with every tier except expert. Buy weak cores and flux from the vendor,then sell your "Fine" quality or better weapon to the vendor.