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WildStar was a Free-to-Play science fiction MMORPG developed by Carbine Studios and published by NCSOFT Corporation. On 12 March 2014 it was announced that pre-orders start on 19 March with the official launch starting on 3 June 2014 at 12:01AM PDT. Pre-order three day head start access started on 31 May at 12:01am PDT.[1]


WildStar offers players access to experiencing the following types of content on two different types of realms; Player vs Environment (PvE) and Player vs Player (PvP):

Social empowerment[]

There are a number of tools present in the game for players to maintain social connections with the friends they play the game with including:

  • Guilds - Players who have a group of friends to play with for fun, or for accomplishing a shared set of in-game goals usually are quick to form a guild. Once part of a guild, players have access to communicating with others who are a part of the same guild via a private in-game chat channel for that guild only. Guild members can also have access to other resources that are shared within that guild, such as guild repairs, or a shared bank. Players who are a part of an active guild can also receive various guild perks which provide limited-time bonuses to various things in-game such as Experience, Reputation, and many other things.
  • Circles - Circles are similar to guilds, in that they can be used to organize groups of like-minded friends, and once created provide their own private chat channel view-able to only those in the circle. Unlike guilds, they do not come with added benefits such as shared banking, or perks like a guild would. Even without those perks, circles can be extremely useful for keeping in touch with a group of friends who may not be in the same guild as you.

Player housing[]

WildStar offers the most customize-able player housing system in any MMORPG to date. Once players reach level 15, they can buy their own private plot of land from the Protostar Corporation, select their starting house template, and from there just go completely bonkers making it their own unique home-in-a-video-game-they-play-at-home away from home. Featuring hundreds of unique props, lighting pieces, decorations, and near unlimited flexibility for the player in how they want to decorate their house, there is no limit to what you can do. Set pieces for decorating your home, and the land around with whatever you want are discovered through all types of gameplay from early leveling, to PvP, and even ultra-rare decor drops from WildStar's raids.

Leveling experience[]

Before you can start hacking and blasting your way to the biggest and meanest baddies the game has to offer at level 50, your chosen character will - just as any good RPG - will start at the humble ol' level of 1. From here you will have the experience of leveling and gearing your character on the road to get to WildStar's end-game (known as the Elder Game. Whether you choose to be on the side of the Dominion or the Exiles for your time in WildStar, your leveling experience will be exciting, and full of adventure as you explore the secrets of Nexus.

Your time while leveling with have you traverse through:

  • Over 22 massive, story-driven zones, with more to come in future Drops.
    • Zones in WildStar are truly epic. They cover a wide variety of environments to include lush forests, open sprawling plains, menacing arid deserts, and even the moon! These zones are full of traditional quest-hubs, as well as WildStar's own unique take on dynamic questing content such as Challenges, and Path missions which all tie together to impact the players around you, and into the over-arching zone and world story.

Group content[]

WildStar has a very large variety of group content for players while leveling. This includes mighty beasts in the open world that will require you to find companions while leveling to defeat. WildStar also has a plethora of highly replay-able instanced content broken down below. All instanced content in the game features a "rating system" for when your group completes the given instance. Depending on your performance, you will attain either a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Medal. Conditions for reaching these medals vary by the instance, but at the end, a better completion medal means better rewards for you and your friends.

  • Expeditions
    • Expeditions are small instanced adventure content that unlock as a player progresses through the leveling experience of WildStar. They can be run solo, or scale up to be run with up to two other players to additional challenge and fun. Additionally, Expeditions do not require characters of specific roles to complete. That is, you do not need to specifically have a tank or a healer friend handy to complete them. In total there are 7 different expeditions unlocked during the leveling experience from level 6 through level 40. They can be entered directly through their various locations in the world, or queued into through the Content Finder.
  • Adventures
    • Adventures allow you along with a group of 4 other people to experience an instanced "choose your own adventure" type of story together where your group is in control of the experience and outcome of the story. Adventures are slightly more difficult content that generally requires a well balanced group of players (1 tank, 1 healer, and 3 DPS), but are more rewarding than expeditions alone. Adventures are somewhat like Dungeons in that they involved fight mechanics that is generally paced with easier fights separating "boss" fights, it's "choose your own story" aspect makes them exciting and different as the number of different possible outcomes is staggering. Between levels 15 and 45, there are six unique adventures awaiting you! Like expeditions, these can be either entered into from their location in the world, or you can enter them through using the Content Finder.
  • Dungeons
    • For the player looking for an even tougher challenge (and shinier loot!) during their leveling experience, look no further than WildStar's Dungeons! A dungeon is like an Adventure in the sense that you will need a predetermined group make-up to conquer them. How they are different, however, is they are more tightly tuned for more coordinated and experienced players looking for something of a challenge. This is where you get to really use the full arsenal of your character's tool-set to survive. In total there are 5 dungeons available to characters leveling between level 10 and level 40.

Player vs Player[]

In WildStar, you can level your character to max level just from doing Player vs Player content such as:

Elder Game[]

This is where the game really kicks it up with content for you and your friends to explore. Once you've reached level-cap, you unlock Veteran Expeditions, Adventures, and Dungeons all with extra challenges (and extra awesome loot!). You will also be able to participate in level 50 only zone content that offers unique questing and storyline experience for Elder Game characters. Finally, once at level 50, players can start their journey along with 20 of their best friends to set foot into the biggest, baddest PvE content that WildStar has to offer: Raids!


WildStar was available in North America and Europe. The game is region-locked and which region the game is purchased in determines which servers the player has access to. There was no cross-region play available.[1]

WildStar servers shut down on November 28th, 2018.


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