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What's the policy on spoilers and the tense of articles?

There are a lot of dramatic changes and turns for characters met early in the story, and some details can't be discussed without delving into spoilers.

Also, there are quite a few characters who change alliances or meet untimely demises in the course of the game. Everything pre-game is in the past, obviously, but what of events that are set into action by the player or happen during the game? Do we write a person's status as "Alive/Deceased" if, at some point, they die? Ruff1298 (talk)

An NPC's story should be written as part of the Lore section of their page. Infobox details should in general reflect the first instance of the NPC. I personally haven't gotten far enough into the game to really deal with this. As for the spoiler aspect.... wikis by their very nature are giant spoilers. I think any utilizing a wiki realizes this. It's up to the community in general how these things should be handled and right now, there isn't that much of a community here. So, I would say, either post on the forums and see what others think, or simply pick a method. It can always be changed. --Wynthyst (talk) 15:19, 19 March 2014 (UTC)