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Wilderrun map

Wilderrun is a region located on the Olyssia continent of Nexus.

Lush, verdant Wilderrun is comprised of dense jungle, crystal blue rivers, and vibrant wildlife. At the heart of Wilderrun is the Focus of Life, a massive and ancient Eldan artifact that bestows raw primal life energy on all who dwell there, and which feeds the mysterious, hidden waters of the much-sought-after Everpool. As the chosen guardians of Vitara the Primeval of Life, the Torine Sisterhood will attack anyone who trespasses upon Wilderrun, which they consider holy ground. According to rumors and uncorroborated eyewitness reports, Tresayne Toria herself may yet dwell deep within Wilderrun, the Blademother of the Torine kept immortal and eternally young by the proximity of the "goddess" Vitara.

The Everpool[]

One of the most significant and strived-for objectives of every explorer is the fabled Everpool of Nexus, rumored to bestow eternal life upon any who drink from its waters. It is believed to be located beneath the massive Focus of Life in the deepest, darkest part of Wilderrun's jungle. The area is the domain of the deadly swordmaidens of the Torine Sisterhood.

Adjacent regions[]


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