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Wreckage Refuge
Location: Northern Wilds
Part of: Northern Wilds Tasks
16 Copper

You find Nooks Barkbiter hiding in some debris near the crash site, neglecting his duties and enjoying the warmth of the wreckage fire instead of risking the frigid cold. He promises not to slack off again... now that he's been caught.

Quest Text

(spoken in male Aurin voice) Hey, lookit you!
(hovering text from Nooks Barkbiter) Oh! Hey, pal. Almost didn't see you there!
Click Response: Wreckage Refuge
(spoken in male Aurin voice) *laughter*
(hovering text from Nooks Barkbiter) What am I doing here, you ask? Ha ha! Oh, um... just exploring this wreckage here... you know... explorer stuff...
Click Response: Yeah, right. Slacker.

NPC Response

(spoken in male Aurin voice) I've never felt so down.
Nooks Barkbiter: All right, I'll fess up. I really want to be an explorer, but the Explorers Union won't let me join. They say I've got to prove myself.
Nooks Barkbiter: Here, take some brew, and let's pretend this never happened. I promise I won't slack again, not after getting caught like this.
(Nooks' Warm Brew becomes clickable.)
Nooks Barkbiter: One day, you'll see me, and I'll be Nooks, Explorer Extraordinaire!
Nooks Barkbiter: Hmm. That title needs some work.

Clicking on Nooks' Warm Brew

(Cast Timer: Drinking Brew, 5 seconds.)
Datachron: Nooks' brew warms you to the core, making the cold weather feel bearable. It should also be easier to traverse.
(Gain Buff: Feeling Warm: You now run slightly faster, thanks to the brew Nooks placed by the wreckage fire. Duration: 5 minutes. Re-applicable after buff has faded.)


Nooks Barkbiter can be found at coordinates 4208, -5593, inside the burning wreckage just east of where the two paths join into one.